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Sat Jun 27, 2020 8:57 pm

Hello all!

I just registered on the forum although I have owned my T91 16" upper for about 3 years now. The sad thing is I haven't even shot it yet. :-( But I will rectify that soon.

I am from Boise, Idaho USA, have lived here for about 40 years. I have been building AR rifles and carbines for about the same number of years. I am also a long range target rifle shooter (Palma) and compete at distances from 600 to 1000 yards.

I have recently been getting into AK 47's and 74's. Several years ago I built a 7.62x39 AR and a 5.45x39 AR.

Best regards to all!

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Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:37 pm

Great to have you on board, and great to see another of the 5.45 master race @onion20@
Do you plan on taking your 16in out to 600+yrd? I've yet to take my 16in out father than 300, but I had little trouble ringing a 2ft plate at 500yrd out of my 14.5in P+W mil-spec build. No doubt a 16in would have even better performance at that distance!
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