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New Wolf A1 16" owner

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 10:02 am
by neoghost
Hello everyone.
I thought I would say hello from central Florida.
I'm using a spikes tactical lower atm, will submit photos once its all completed including folding ar adap5er.

Re: New Wolf A1 16" owner

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 5:12 pm
by apex
Be sure to not use PMAG M3s in your Spike's lower- the magwal flare interferes with the overtravel tab on M3s and you'll have trouble seating the mag. PMAG M2s, Lancers, GI mags, and Hexmags all work fine though.

Re: New Wolf A1 16" owner

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 8:12 pm
by neoghost
Thanks alot for the info on the PMag, I had thought as much.

My current build is.
Spikes Tactical calico jack forged mil-spec lower color filled.
Luth lower parts kit
Hogue Red Lava overmolded mil spec 6 position stock
Hogue Red Lava beavertail overmolded pistol grip / finger groves
CMC Enhanced mil spec 6 position carbine buffer tube kit
Rise Armement 140 drop in trigger with antiwalk pins
Spikes Tactical billet gen 2 trigger guard
....extra.... BCM gunfighter pistol grip mod 3
....extra.... BCM gunfighter trigger guard
Armaspec red mag release B2 extended
Armaspec red FT90 ambi safety selector
Armaspec red ultralight takesown pins
Torkmag 40rd multical magazine
Torkmag 35rd multical magazine
AR15 5.56 magazine speedloader
T91 keymod handguard to replace standard wolf handguard
Match grade M16 carry handle with adjustablemrear sight
Promag 20rd blued steel colt look magazine
Wolf Performance A1 16" piston upper

still to get
a good sling
red dot and magnifier, rifle type
forward handgrip
green and white lights

Re: New Wolf A1 16" owner

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 4:18 pm
by neoghost
I received my upper over the weekend. There was some disappointment as no paperwork was in the box, plain flashier. I'm not sure if wolf is too busy to be bothered with trivial details so I inspected via complete breakdown of the upper. There wasn't any critical thing with bcg or piston system so I'm moving forward with the build.

I lost a takedown pin detent....duh.
I've ditched the cmc buffer kit

New items to my build
POF Buffer tube, anti tilt
JP carbine chrome silicon spring, tuned and polished
Spikes Tactical H1 tungsten buffer
Strike industries anti rotation castle nut and qd ambi sling adapter
NcStar ar wrench
NcStar 2 point sling
Korean ar15 quick detach foregrip with deployable bipod
RealAvid ar15 cleaning mat with small magnetic traynfrom amazon

If anyone would like photos of specific parts or different stages of assembly please feel free to ask

This is my very first ar, my first gun since 1987

Re: New Wolf A1 16" owner

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 9:26 pm
by apex
For what it's worth the "operator's manual" that is supposed to be in the box is just a sheet of paper that really doesn't provide much info so you're not missing much (it's not even spelled correctly on the pdf header lol).

Also... "plain flashier"? Do you mean the parkerized elongated A2 birdcage muzzle device?

Re: New Wolf A1 16" owner

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:53 am
by neoghost
Lol yeah the plain A2 flash hider, that was a fast typing typo on a tablet.
I have seen its only a 2 page doc, but made me suspicious of quality control.
It would be great to have recommendations on lubrication of particular parts.

I would really like to get a good muzzle break flash hider combo that won't cause concussion too badly.

Re: New Wolf A1 16" owner

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2020 1:05 am
by neoghost did the most awsome order turn oround on the handguard, I am thoroughly impressed.
Aim or Ally, Classic Firearms, Brownells, target sports usa, and primary arms also shipped well during these rough times. Just thought I would share the info.
Optics planet has been slow and non responsive .

Re: New Wolf A1 16" owner

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2020 4:25 pm
by apex
Yep I stopped using Optics Planet last year after they completely bungled an order AND the return. Also stopped with Classic because Classic is the sleazy used car salesman of the C&R world, and has pulled some absolute slimy bullsh*t on par with what Cheaperthandirt pulled back in 2012 with mags. AIM and Primary Arms have been my go-to now since they generally have better prices than Brownells, customer service (so far) has been amazing with both, and shipping has been incredibly fast given the current situation. That said, whomever you decide to give your business to is no business of mine- you do you.

Re: New Wolf A1 16" owner

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2020 9:58 pm
by neoghost
Thanks Apex you are wise as Yoda! I am still very much an infant with regards to these companies.
This adventure started when I went into a gun store I hadn't heard of but had been in business for quit some time. I saw a shiny green VR60 up on the display self and really thought Thats the gun for me. But as many are aware gun shop owners like to shoot the sh*t with friends while making paying customers wait. So I took the extra 30 or so minutes and look around pretty thoroughly. In a cabinet with a bunch of cluttered parts (still in packaging though) I saw one and only one Spikes Tactical lower plain white box in with maybe 7 or 8 Anderson lowers and a bunch of parts kits.
Now normally gun stores are stocked, but not these days, so once I finally had my chance with the owner I asked if I could get a lower. He kept trying to sell me an Anderson, which there isn't anything wrong with them but it was my money and I wanted the Spikes. I also said might as well give me the spikes enhanced lower kit too. Now this is a store that plays fast and loose with prices I found out. He wanted $200 for the lower parts kit. He ended up charging me $155 plus tax for the color filled Spikes Tactical lower with background check included and I passed on the lower parts kit. I did some digging on quality and prices of spikes calico jack, lowest prices was $55, Spikes themselves charges $115 without the colorfill so I was fleeced and won't be going back. I am looking at all this through covid colored glasses but the price on the box looked to be about a year old. I'm not unhappy but more disappointed.
The owner was a little older, pretty much always in a bad mood and wouldn't let you get out the door unless you confirmed you registered to vote for Trump. But his ammo was almost fairly priced..

Re: New Wolf A1 16" owner, photos of preliminary

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 12:55 pm
by neoghost

I wanted to update those that are following my build. I have had a few setback and waiting on new parts but I love my lil monster, I really do. I will put together the final parts list as well, after that new post listing what I'm using there will only be upgrades. Ive got about 7 muzzle devices now as well.
Anyway here you go.

Spl120 army weapons light kit
Pinty green laser
Hartman mh1 red dot
Kineti-Tech shroud and brake
Armaspec Victory red charging handle
Foregrip with retractable bipod
120 degree picatinny rail for light and laser.
Lancer red mag 30rd
Grey aluminum duramag 30rd
Keymod and picatinny heat resistant rubber rail covers
Geisselie marine bolt catch release
Phase 5 systems red qd sloped end plate.
Updates since last news.
Law ar15 gen 3 folding stock adapter was a piece of cake to install. Which is the reason for the new endplate, the strike endplate won't allow it to swing all the way.