Range Report New Wolf A1 Upper

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Range Report New Wolf A1 Upper

Post by SpitNine » Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:37 pm

Upper arrived last Friday and I took it completely apart and removed the preservative oil.
Removed the extractor from the bolt and noticed the spring was mashed sideways.
The spring was never properly seated in the pocket at the rear of the extractor.
Replaced the extractor and spring with one of my AR spares.
Will work on the original extractor later.
Assembled the bolt and installed in carrier.
Used a little Mobil 1 (red) grease on the cam pin.
O 158 (lsa) on the carrier rails.
Ran a clean patch through the bore and the chamber.
Mounted a 4X Nikon scope.
Left the front sight in place until I find out if the roll pin holding the upper part of the front sight is a standard size in case removing it damages it. Doesn't' really effect the view through the scope anyway.
Used a Palmetto lower which fit without issue. Lower has an H2 buffer.

Shooting 55G FMJ brass cased ammo.
First three rounds fired but short stroked.
After that, the next 117 rounds ran without issue.
FWIW had the same thing happen with other new ARs.

Sighted-in at 25 yards. Right on left to right, low up and down.
Fixed that and moved to 50 yards. Minor tweaks needed.
Moved to shooting steel targets at 100 yards plus with good results.

Gotta say, the upper ran great.
Did notice some carrier tilt issues in the lower when cleaning the rifle.
Working on that.
Also have to work out a QD sling attachment for the upper.
Working on that also.

I am pleased with the upper.

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Re: Range Report New Wolf A1 Upper

Post by acevedoangelm » Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:59 pm

Thank you for sharing your experience. I will be doing the same thing very soon.

I have been looking into buying 3 more, but I am concern about how difficult it will be getting parts for it... For example BCG since it is different from the regular AR15

I am still waiting for my upper. I is supposed to arrive this coming Tue. Aug.4.

Again thank You for sharing.
Enjoy your "New Toy"

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Re: Range Report New Wolf A1 Upper

Post by apex » Mon Aug 03, 2020 5:01 pm

SpitNine wrote:
Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:37 pm
My 12.5 had a faulty extractor too- seems to be an uncommon issue.
The front sight pin will punch out with a 3/16ths roll pin punch, I've removed and taken it off I don't know how many times now.
For the QD mount, unless you're planning on getting the MLOK or Keymod rail, you're going to have to either use the sling loop on the piston takedown knob, picatinny-mounted QD slot on the tri-rail (https://store.t91tactical.com/T91-Polym ... p161612893), or you can permanently modify the polymer handguard like this: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=356

Carrier tilt can be "solved" two ways:
1. a nippled buffer, but you will lose the "one-pin takedown" and will need to push out both pins to field strip the upper (https://store.t91tactical.com/Counter-T ... -p89306189)
2. a buffer tube that features "carrier cradle", but they're a bit of a pain to install/uninstall if you don't buffer detent delete:
https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/ar15-a ... uffer-tube

I personally run POF buffer tubes on 2/3 of my T91s and Aero Enhanced on the third (since it is now available and is the least expensive option) and have yet to see any gouging on the tubes- two of my T91s are past the 1,000-round count. Note though, I have yet to come across a rifle-length buffer tube with carrier cradle, so if you plan on running a rifle-length tube, you will have to stick with a nippled buffer, and as far as I know, only heavybuffers makes rifle-length nippled buffers: http://heavybuffers.com/antitilt223.html
acevedoangelm wrote:
Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:59 pm
An Adams Arms piston carrier is confirmed to be compatible with the T91. A standard AR-15 bolt will likely work as well, just remove the gas rings so there's less friction. If you're handy with power tools, you can also modify an AR-15 upper and barrel to work with a T91 gas system.

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Re: Range Report New Wolf A1 Upper

Post by Arkane » Tue Aug 04, 2020 10:11 am

Apex pretty much nailed it. I run the Adams carrier, the POF anti tilt tube (using a Magpul fixed carbine stock with the space to get proper LOP), and the Heavy Buffers anti tilt H2. A thousand plus rounds in and I have zero evidence of carrier tilt.

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Re: Range Report New Wolf A1 Upper

Post by SpitNine » Tue Aug 04, 2020 2:16 pm

Thanks, Guys:
Good info.
For the front QD I have installed a Zahal wide velcro strap sling adapter.
I have a couple of them. Zahal.com
Connecting to that I'll use a Magpul paraclip.

For the carrier tilt issue I bought a DSA bufferloc kit to try.
Problem with that is that the DSA buffer is standard weight.
So I ordered a set of tungsten buffer inserts and will modify the DSA buffer to H2 specs.

Will run it that way for awhile to see how it works.

Went out to the range yesterday and ran another 100 rounds at steel targets .
Upper ran without issue.
The one thing I really like is how much easier the upper is to clean compared to a DI upper.

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Range Report New Wolf A1 Upper

Post by Calebbourb » Thu Nov 19, 2020 12:56 pm

375 for a complete upper, and I have ordered from JSE in the past. They have pretty good service but I hate that they require signature on all orders.

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