Wolf A1 SBR project *** complete with video by katzma

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Thu May 11, 2017 12:54 pm

Special thanks to "katzma" from ar15 dot com with his permission re-post his article here.

Got my Wolf A1 in today. Looks very well made. Upper had kind of a rough finish, and the dust cover is a pita to close. Pretty simple field stripping, the handguard is very tight and I have to use a punch to remove the pin, which isn't a bad thing. Looking at the barrel and gas block, the gas block must be pressed on, I didn't try to hard to remove it, but the pin is a taper pin and only comes out one way. The gas port in the barrel is drilled like an AK, roughly at a 45* angle and measures .073" (#49 drill bit). I cut the barrel to 11.5" and will have to drill out the gas port to .095+ (guess). I did a function check and it obviously didn't cycle. When it gets back from having the barrel threaded at class 3 machining im goin to open the gas port up and work with buffer/spring weights. Here is a few pics of the progress so far, be next week by the time I get the upper back.

All set for when I get the upper back. Got drill bits from #34 (.111) to #44 (.086) and a reduced power buffer spring from wolff. Morgan sent me a pic of the barrel threaded. Looks perfect.


Got the upper in the mail today, thread job is perfect. I attached my AAC brakeout 51t so I can use my SDN-6. One thing to note if you chop the barrel that short is to see if the pistol will clear the mount, mine just barely rubs it. I was worried I would have to file it down some like I had to one my 805 Bren. I ordered a wolff reduced power buffer spring and installed it. Worked my way up to a #34 (.093) drill bit till it locked back on an empty mag. I meant to take a standard recoil spring but forgot. put maybe 100rds down range and pissed off some of the other people shooting because of the concussion lol. installed the taller sight and worked great at 25yds. One thing that im concerned about is the rear sight is completely to the left, don't know if its the upper, barrel, or the cheap UTG rear sight. Hoping its the sight.

Here is pics of the different size sights, front sight, the sight to the left, complete SBR with and w/o SDN-6, clearance of the gas piston

Wolf A1 SBR


Took the A1 out shooting this weekend. Ran like a champ and is fairly accurate. Looks like it was the crappy UTG rear sight that wasn't centered. The GG&G MAD sight I'm using now sighted in without it being way left. I was easily hitting a steel plate at 275 yds off hand, using the CompM2. Blowback was as bad outside as it was in the indoor range, still plan on getting a PRI gasbuster charging handle.

Decided to cutout the rest of the vents in the upper handguard and trimmed the large ears off the heat shield. Think it looks better and should help in cooling. If Wolf ever gets spare parts, I plan on buying a spare piston tube so I can drill holes inline with the vents to help divert the gas.

Here is a few pics and video from shooting this yesterday (don't mind my daughter yelling in the video)

Wolf A1 SBR w/ SDN-6

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