Mod Tutorial: Simple Bottom Handguard QD Sling Swivel

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Mon Apr 20, 2020 7:58 pm

Firstly let me start off by stating up front THIS IS A PERMANENT MOD, and will require drilling and filing, do not attempt if you are not comfortable modifying your A1 handguards or don't want to permanently alter your handguards. I also take no responsibility for you fudging up. Attempt at your own risk.
Tools required/suggested:
1. Bench vise
2. Drill press or a hand drill will a stupidly large chuck
3. GrovTec QD Threaded Base Cup: ... -ar-stocks
(you can also find these on Amazon, Brownells, etc)
4. Metal file
5. A 17/32 size wood drill bit
6. (Suggested) rubberized/soft vise jaws ( ... od923.aspx)
7. A 6mm Allen wrench/ hex key

Step 1:
Remove the handguards from your Wolf A1 upper and remove the heat shield. Assemble the upper and lower handguards back together and place them into the vise.
This assembly is required to relieve stress on the handguards when drilling so they don't split.

Step 2:
With your drill press or drill, drill out the small hole in the lower handguard just south of the bayonet lug cutout with a 17/32 size wood drill bit.
Step 3:
Thread QD base cup into the hole you just widened using a 6mm hex key. It may take a while for the threads to grab, use plenty of pressure but not too much as to split the handguard.
Step 4:
With a file, carefully remove material from the U-shaped cutout of the heatshield to allow it to bypass the QD mount, then reinstall the heat shield.
Step 5:
Unthread the QD mount so roughly 1/4th of it is sticking out the bottom. Reassemble the handguards on to your upper. Tighten down the QD mount as far as you see fit, but DO NOT let it touch the barrel. Leave a few millimeters distance between the bottom of the QD mount and the barrel. I recommend a minimum of 3mm distance.
Step 6:
Slap your QD slung swivel into the mound and install your sling.
And you're done!
Special thanks to user Kalakar for suggesting this.
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Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:07 pm

Superb work! Someday we will know the true purpose of "the hole"
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Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:40 am

Thank you for sharing. Topic changed to "Sticky".
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