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Long-time AR shooter and builder, but have never run a piston AR. Few years ago I ran across an AR on an auction somewhere (Gunbroker probably) that had a Wolf upper on a standard AR lower, M4 stock, etc. Didn't seem to be much interest in it so I bought it. (Translation: I thought it was a bit too cheap to pass up!)

Since then I've become interested in building a T-91 Clone, so I've bought a few parts and am saving pennies for more.

At this time I'm about to have an Anderson "no-logo" lower engraved locally with T-91 markings. Nope, not really wanting to build from an 80%, although sooner or later I guess I'll have to machine an 80%.

So anyone got any brilliant advice? Or even half-arsed advice? I'm always open to words of wisdom.

PS: I'm really more of an exaggerator than a liar, although I can come up with whoppers when the situation calls for it.
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