T91 issue - FT-extract/FT-eject

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First, obligatory picture:

So, the problem: I've put about 200 rounds through this rifle. But I've had sporadic failures-to-extract / failures-to-eject. The problem presents like this:

1. Pull trigger.
2. Bullet exits barrel.
3. Either [BCG does not travel rearward], or [BCG extracts properly, but does not travel rearward far enough to eject round], or [BCG does not properly extract empty case at all].
4. Empty casing is stuck in chamber, and requires mallet and push rod to push out of chamber.

This has happened 3-4 times in 200 rounds.

What is going on here? Is there a burr in the chamber? Could the piston be short stroking due to the anti-tilt buffer?
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