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Tue Dec 17, 2019 9:42 pm

Hello from Scottsdale, AZ. I am a retired USMC M60A1 Machinegunner in the process of building a T91 "Franken-Rifle". By "Franken-Rifle", I mean a T91 style rifle with the Wolf A1 16 inch upper and a more conventional M4 lower. I'm not concerned with being 100% authentic because I am ambidextrous so I build M4s to be as friendly as possible for right and left hand shooting. I'll be honest that I wasn't impressed with the quality of the Wolf A1 upper I received. The front sight block was very loose in the dovetail and the flash suppressor was mounted upside down. I fixed the flash suppressor myself and was able to get Wolf to send a front sight block that was a little oversize in the dovetail area and once I pressed it in place it was a much tighter fit. I do wish Wolf would have used the standard military T91 front sight assembly; frankly, what they have done with this 2 piece sight block makes little sense.

I chose the Wolf A1 upper for this build for four reasons. 1 - The T91 gas piston is the most proven and an excellent design. 2 - I wanted an easier to clean M4 type carbine so I wouldn't need to carry as many cleaning materials so the modular gas piston was perfect for my requirements. 3 - This rifle is intended to be a "SHTF" carbine for emergencies and I wanted something light and sleek without much protruding from either side so it won't snag on pack etc. 4 - Being a "SHTF" carbine, I required a quality CHF chrome lined barrel that would have a long life. When I finish the build I will post the photo and description of parts used.


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