T91S specs?

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Thu May 07, 2020 4:55 pm

I can't find much info on T91S. Does anyone know the actual specs or have authentic pics of them?
Thanks fam

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Fri May 08, 2020 4:48 pm

According to the Mandarin version of the T91 Wikipedia page (which has FAR more info than the English page), the T91S and K1 are virtually identical and the only difference between them seems to be which branch uses it. The "K1" seems to be the Army's designation and the "S" seems to be the National Security Agency's designation.

As for what makes them different from regular T91s:
  • 14.5in "heavy" profile barrel
  • K1 gas block with integrated sling loop and removable sight block, lacking bayonet lug
  • XT-97 combination flash suppressor and muzzle brake muzzle device
  • Magpul SL stock
  • Keymod/MLOK handguard
  • Optional use of Magpul MBUS iron sights or Aimpoint or Vortex optics (Taiwan has contracts for both Aimpoint and Vortex), T91 carry handle is not used
As far as I can tell the other technical specs remain roughly the same (ROF, weight, FCG, etc) as a regular T91, and the changes are primarily ergonomics and modularity.

Translated page:
https://translate.google.com/translate? ... %25A7%258D

Here's a video of someone handling and firing a T91K1:

And here's some pictures of K1s on display:
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