What is the shipping cost of my order?2022-05-09T17:31:01-07:00

All orders are direct shipped from our facility in Queen Creek, AZ. We do our best to pass the best rates we can achieve on to you. The exact cost of shipping will vary, depending on location, order size, and weight.

How to track my order?2022-05-09T17:48:50-07:00

After your order has shipped, the system will automatically send an email with tracking information associated with the order. In case you did not receive the tracking information, please check your spam folder and settings.

How to cancel my order?2022-05-09T18:53:14-07:00

To cancel an order, please send us an email within 24 hours and/or before 11 am the day after the order is placed at: support@t91tactical.com stating you wish to cancel the order.

You will receive an update email to confirm the cancellation, the original charge will credit back to your credit card account within 3-5 business days.

Note: Order cancellation must be initiated before the order is fulfilled and marked shipped.

The part I need was out of stock, how do I know if they are back in stock?2022-05-09T19:52:47-07:00
Receive an instant notification on the stock items when they are back in stock:
Add the item to “My Favorite” after you sign in, you will receive an update once they are back in stock.
 Sign In” is located on the bottom right of the Store page. You submit your email and you will receive a login link email.
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T91 vs W-A12022-05-09T18:53:51-07:00
Our T91 rifle clone is full Mil-Spec and most of the parts are direct import from Taiwan except for the barrels and some other small parts.
We offer full T91 clone uppers with US-made 12.5″, 14.5″, and 16″ chrome-lined barrels. Alone with US-made A2 style 80% and/or complete serialized T91 marking lower receivers, T91 spare parts, and T91 accessories.
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