Pistol Grip / Trigger Adjustment Screw Combo

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The Pistol Grip And Travel Adjustment Combo Screw is designed to improve the original stock trigger.

This screw works the same as the factory grip screw and allows you to reduce trigger creep, pull weight, improve hammer break for better accuracy, and help fine-tune factory sloppy mil-spec AR trigger.

Installation Instruction:


1) Separate the upper receiver from the lower receiver.

2) Cock the hammer back and set the safety lever to safe. THE LOWER MUST BE ON “SAFE” TO ADJUST CORRECTLY.

3) Forward the pistol grip internal set screw half the way out of the pistol screw.

4) Apply Blue Loctite to the internal set screw.

5) Return the internal set screw back to the tip of the pistol screw with the 1/16" Allen key.

6) Remove your original pistol grip screw. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LOSE THE SAFETY SELECTOR DETENT AND SPRING!

7) Install the new pistol grip/adjustment screw and tighten it with a 3/16″ Allen key.

8) Tighten the internal set screw using the 1/16” Allen key forward, then Back the internal set screw out 1/8 turn at a time until the safety lever moves freely again. Function test the lower and check that the hammer, trigger, and safety are all functioning correctly. This is as far as you can adjust the adjuster. Allow the Loctite dry overnight.

**A qualified gunsmith in the installation of this product is recommended**

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