Counter-Tilt Hydraulic H2 Buffer & Rocket/Braided Wire Buffer Spring Combo

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T91 Counter-Tilt Hydraulic H2 Buffer - T91CHB

Counter-Tilt Hydraulic H2 buffer. Prevent wear and tear to the buffer tube caused by the vertex impact of the BCG. The extended insert of the buffer tip supports the BCG to counter the nonparallel movements. This will eliminate the direct contact between the BCG and the buffer tube during the battery. They are tested and proven on T91 Rifles.


Core Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel

Weight: H2 Buffer — 4.2 oz.

Rocket/Braided Wire Carbine Buffer Spring - T91RWCBS


– The spring consists of three strands of wire that are machine-twisted around each other to form a single strand

– Dampen migratory waves that traverse the spring under shock loading

– Decreases the chance of spring failure and assists with making your rifle more reliable

– Avoid overstressing the spring and provide as much as 15 percent more performance from the weapon

– Carbine Length: 11.5″ | 25 Coils | Weight: 1.6 Oz


Made In the USA

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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