Limited Run T85 Grenade Launched (CO2/Airsoft)

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T85 Grenade Launcher For T65, T65K2, T91 Battle Rifle - Full Clone

Airsoft/CO2 Version

Package included:

  • T85 Grenade Launcher, 7075-T6 Aluminum Mounting Base and Barrel, Polymer Hand-guard
  • Barrel Mounting Clamp
  • Flip-up Leaf Sight
  • Soft Shell Ammo


The T85 grenade launcher is a 40mm grenade launcher produced by the Joint Logistics 205 Arsenal of Taiwan, ROC. It can be attached to the T65, T65K2, T86, and T91 battle rifle to enhance the firepower of the squad and infantry. Served in Taiwan, ROC Army and Marine Corps.

The design of the T85 grenade launcher is similar to the M203 grenade launcher, with a maximum range of 400 meters.

The T85 grenade launcher is installed under the hand-guard of the T65/T65K2/T91 battle rifle in a combined way (it can also be fixed), and the disassembly and assembly are very simple. Just place the front end on the barrel below the front sight base, and fix the rear part on the front end of the magazine well. The T85 is roughly the same as the M203 in appearance. The main difference is the heat dissipation thread under the launch tube. The size compared with the M203 does not change, and the bottom of the T85 has a certain curve shape for easy grip.

The military version T85 grenade launcher can be used with a dedicated sight and a bubble quadrant to improve aiming accuracy. However, since there is no protective sheet to protect the tenon, the standard firing method is shoulder shot or squat shot. For example, if the M16 assault rifle is installed with the M203 grenade launcher and the hip firing method may be in danger of misfire. Its high-explosive armor-piercing grenade can penetrate a 64 mm steel plate at 38 meters, while the high-explosive grenade has a killing radius of more than 5 meters.

Compatibility: T65, T65K2, T91 Rifle.

Made in Taiwan

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